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Deal Ticker: OTR Fleet Service Relocates to Dallas With 15,540 Square Foot Build

Deal Ticker: OTR Fleet Service Relocates to Dallas With 15,540 Square Foot Build

Matthew Otte of Whitebox Real Estate represented Khop Management in the sale of 3008 Commerce St.,home to Kirk Hopper Fine Art in the Dallas Deep Ellum neighborhood. 1426 N Riverfront Blvd., a 4,265 square foot building in the Design District, was purchased by Khop Management and is the future home of Kirk Hopper Fine Art. This replacement property, as part of the 1031 exchange, was sold by Quadrant Investment Properties. The seller broker was Christy Thelen, Trey Smith, Ward Eastman, Lauren Napper of Cushman & Wakefield. The buyer broker was Matthew Otte of Whitebox Real Estate.

COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 Resources

COVID-19 is causing unique challenges for us all. As we try to navigate this new climate, we that relief from federal, state, local and/or the private sector is coming soon. As we continue to learn more about COVID-19 and how it affecting our communities, we will continue to communicate some of the resources available thus far. These impacts are being felt at the local level, all the way up to our national tapestry and across all industries. We will get through this together – Whitebox will be available to you every step of the way – please contact us if you’re straining due to this unprecedented time, and let’s come up with a creative solution, together, to find relief.

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