Commercial Real Estate Services in HOUSTON, TX

Whitebox Real Estate works throughout the Houston area to provide appropriate commercial tenant services for buyers and users of commercial, office, and industrial properties. Our goal is to provide commercial real estate services to help businesses find the right space for their next venture and negotiate with property owners to find the best deal for everyone. Our commercial real estate agents are highly skilled negotiators and trained to work with everyone’s best interests in mind. We are experts at understanding each market, be it office or industrial, and can work to help you negotiate the optimal lease terms for your business.

Our commercial property services include evaluating and negotiating your lease, construction, and more. We offer a full array of industrial and commercial real estate services to make relocating to a new office as painless as possible. In addition, you will get a custom commercial property solution to fit exactly all your office needs. Our agents will work with you from the start of every project from concept to completion, and we’ll answer any questions in between.

Whitebox Real Estate focuses on our clients—the tenants—and we will work to provide the most convenient solution for you. We understand every business has different needs, and that reflects in the level of collaboration we use with our clients and the custom solutions we present. We’ll utilize data, carefully crafted real estate plans, and everything within the power of our commercial real estate agent services so that you get the best and most convenient deal.

Contact us today, and let’s begin a dialogue about your business’s commercial real estate needs and goals. From location and construction to renovations and more, we can make sure you meet your commercial real estate goals. Our team is looking forward to talking to you and helping you find the space you want!

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Suite 1100
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Suite 150
Austin, TX 78701


1200 G Street NW
Suite 800
Washington, DC 20005

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