There are many different ways to enhance your career, and one of which is to become a part of an organization. For those in the real estate industry the SIOR authenticates your credibility as a broker, and showcases your knowledge. SIOR stands for the Society of Industrial and Office Realtors, which is an international professional commercial and industrial real estate association. This special membership is a pinnacle achievement for those within the industry, and is comprised of the most qualified, professional, and accomplished CRE experts.

Based out of Washington, D.C.  the SIOR offers a professional designation to real estate brokers and other industry professionals. In order to begin your process in becoming a member, the first step to receive your designation within the SIOR is to begin the candidate membership, in which you will work towards your qualification.

Why Should I Join?

For those who are considering joining, there are many benefits to receiving this recognition. An SIOR designation provides credibility to gain trust within the business, and is exclusive as 3,000 practitioners only hold the organization. SIOR will uphold your reputation, as others in the industry acknowledge this as the highest achievement in your field.

Having a membership will enhance your professional development, and help you gain more clientele, as it is important to for them to be able to trust their broker. Clients like to see someone who has gone above and beyond their basic abilities for their job, and when you receive a SIOR recognition you are able to prove to your clients that you have a built up reputation with plenty of experience, and success in the field.

Even if you are not yet qualified to receive designation, the candidate membership will have you on the right track to accompanying the best of the best in real estate. Once you have three to eight years of experience, you can begin your trek as a candidate, which will align you with other rising professionals in your field, and help you to make the next steps to advancing your career in the right direction.