The 21st century has brought a multitude of problems and challenges for every real estate firm, spurred on by constant change.

Environments, people, tools, and resources have been transformed by the integration of technology in the workplace. Technology is most definitely the forefront of this change, causing alterations in the way we communicate, think, learn, work, and, consequently live.

A recent Deloitte study found out that we check our phones approximately 150 times a day. Whether it is to just check the time, read an email, or access information, cellular devices have had a huge impact on how we go about our lives.

To be frank, I think I might possibly be the only person from my generation that still uses an actual alarm clock every morning.

The ability to readily access all the information that we need with a click of a button has completely reshaped our capability to memorize and focus. Though we all have an opportunity to learn more, and know more than ever before, we often have trouble storing that information long- term like we used to.

If we can simply re-research the information if we have forgotten, why should we try to commit it to memory?

Also, shockingly enough, studies have proven, that my childhood goldfish appears to have a greater attention span than me. I always thought that he had great concentration while blowing bubbles in his tank. While I don’t feel threatened by my goldfish friend, I do feel threatened by the effect that technology has on human intelligence and memory.

In today’s hectic world, every one of us has a multitude of tasks on our checklist on any given day. Work meetings, conference calls, and getting food on the table, occupy our time and force multitasking to be a necessity, not a talent. However, life throws curveballs and often times we must problem solve issues that are out of our realm of knowledge.


We can’t rely on a Google search engine to solve each of our problems and issues. I believe that the importance for individuals and firms to rely on others to be experts in their respective markets and industries, has become more apparent than ever before.

An expert is defined as someone who has a comprehensive and authoritative knowledge of a skill in a particular area. An expert will have the correct knowledge and resources to help an individual or firm make a better business decision.

Our Whitebox Real Estate team meets with CEOs, CFOs, and COOs every day, from a multitude of different industries. We understand they are experts in their industries, and they understand that we are experts in ours. We understand the evolving nature of your business because Whitebox is evolving, too.

Whether it is because of technological innovation, political variability, or any environmental factor, Whitebox has seen it work with others, and we can share our experiences with you to help your firm make the right business decisions, while looking toward the future.

Our knowledge and skill has developed through experience, and is ingrained into the long-term memory of each expert at Whitebox. This knowledge can’t be Googled. Let’s rely on other experts to help us make better decisions.

We are experts in commercial real estate and we would love to be your commercial real estate expert.