Survivor: Whitebox Style

Beth Burke – October 11, 2019

As Survivor enters a 39th season on CBS with Survivor: Island of the Idols, I couldn’t help but compare the world of commercial real estate to the world of Survivor.  Themes like Outwit, Outplay, Outlast could be prevalent across many industries, but there was one thing in particular that stuck out to me as pretty specific to the Whitebox business model.  To tell you about that, I have to go all the way back to 2000…when almost two decades ago, Survivor changed the face of Reality TV.

In the beginning there was Survivor: Borneo.  In this first season, eventual winner Richard Hatch convinced fellow players Rudy, Kelly & Susan to form what they referred to as “The Alliance.”   This alliance worked together to leverage their votes to further their best interests.  And it worked.  Richard won the season, and in every season since, alliances have formed as a means for players to protect themselves.

Most commercial real estate firms out there are in an “alliance” of sorts with landlords and their buildings.   As expected, this broker/landlord alliance often succeeds.  The broker, not wanting to lose their relationship with the landlord, “votes” for less favorable rates and less concessions for the tenants, who, to put it in survivor terms, basically get voted out of the best deal for their bottom line.

At Whitebox, we don’t believe in forming alliances with landlords.  We know our knowledge of the market and our negotiating skills are enough to win the best deal for our client.  We’d never steer you to a building (or shelter, if we’re on the island) that wasn’t the best fit, and we’d never settle for less than optimal rates and concessions for you.

  • You’re the flint to our campfire and must be protected at all costs.
  • We’re your hidden immunity idol, saving you from being voted out by landlord/broker alliances.
  • We’re that final swing vote, securing your real estate victory.

The tribe has spoken.  Let Whitebox guide you through every immunity challenge in your path, and together we’ll win all the rewards.