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When looking for space, regardless of location, using a “single point of contact” (SPOC) is essential for a tenant. If a tenant has an office in Dallas and wants to open another location in Denver, having to seek out multiple real estate advisors to complete this transition can be complicated and time consuming.

That’s where a company can benefit from using one single point of contact.

We have all played the game telephone, and know that from beginning to end, things often get lost in translation. Using one single point of contact eliminates the potential for miscommunication and, ultimately prevents a tenant from having to repeat their space requirements over and over.

Time is money and a resource no business person wants to waste. A single point of contact is already familiar with your company, your culture, and your needs. A single point of contact eliminates the need to search for a tenant representative, interview this professional, and then describe your requirement to the advisor you hire.

By hiring one firm, all you need to do is call, tell them what you need in a space, and let them do the rest of the work. Instead of spending time worrying about real estate, you can keep your time and focus on where it’s most valuable – your company.

The ultimate benefit of using a single point of contact is the relationship and service you will get from a single real estate professional. They are in charge of the day-to-day communication, management, and will always be up to date on what’s going on. They will also understand what your objective is for the future of your company, and always keep your best interest in mind.

Your single point of contact is there to act as an extension of your real estate team. For smaller companies, they function as an outsourced real estate department.  At Whitebox Real Estate, our goal is to see that everything runs smoothly, efficiently and effectively, in order to get you into your space as effortlessly as possible.

Whitebox has a rich legacy of serving as a single point of contact for both domestic and international companies. We have active projects as of the date of this article in some 10+ states across the United States.

Our team has experience in working on four different continents, across nine or more countries and over 20 states. We are privileged to be a part of the Society of Industrial & Office REALTORS® (SIOR) which is the highest designation in the commercial real estate industry reserved for the most experienced real estate brokers in the world achieved by only 0.158% of some 2 million real estate licenses in the U.S.

  • SIOR is a global network of 3,164 office and industrial brokers and agents that have met the stringent qualifications certifying their expertise.
  • Global coverage and expert knowledge of local markets in 680 cities and 34 countries.
  • Ongoing education ensures that SIORs remain on the cutting edge of industry practices.
  • SIORs are deal closers, reporting more than $12.5 billion in transaction in real estate sales and leases last year.
  • SIORs are market-tested, ethically driven, and respected in the industry.