You wouldn’t go to court without an attorney and you shouldn’t lease space without tenant representation.

A great analogy to explain tenant representation in the real estate business uses the United States justice system.

If an individual commits a crime, the person will go to court. The defendant has the right to represent himself, but only a fool would represent himself. It is so ill-advised to represent oneself that if the defendant cannot afford to hire an attorney, the state will appoint one with no cost to the defendant.

So why is this significant and why does one need an attorney? The answer lies in the fact that the State will have an attorney to prosecute the defendant. This attorney is the District Attorney (DA).

If you represent yourself, you are going up against an actual attorney that went to law school and that argues and prosecutes on behalf of the state for a living. This is not the DA’s first trial and he does not get emotional… This is a job for him, and when the DA finishes a day in court, he goes home to dinner with his family. The defendant goes back to jail.

The State preys upon the defendant’s emotion and this emotion is part of the reason anyone standing trial needs counsel (not to mention the whole experience thing).

Additionally, attorneys go to law school to learn how to ask for things in a manner that gets the response they want. For instance, if an attorney is struggling with something, he can go to the judge’s chambers and the judge will help him. The judge will even help attorneys in the court room… It’s like secret attorney code talk. A lay person defending himself off the street has no way of doing this.

The same is true in commercial real estate. We take the emotion out of the equation. We do this for a living and have the experience of hundreds and hundreds of transactions over the course of many years. If a business owner completes five leases, that is a ton for one business (could be a 25 – 50 year span).

We have brokers in Whitebox that complete more than that in a single month… every month… 12 months per year!

Lastly, we know how to ask for the things our client wants in a manner that will command the desired result. If we give tenants the answers to the test, they will still fail because they don’t know how to ask for them. Our team of tenant representatives gives our clients the answers to the test and helps them to ask the questions in a manner that achieves the desired result.

  • Real estate is our core business.
  • We cost you nothing.
  • We know the market and are extremely active in it.
  • We have a fiduciary solely to our clients.
  • We have depth of market knowledge and can leverage the best possible deal.
  • We understand the supply and demand in the market and use it to our advantage.
  • We understand a lease and negotiate renewal leases.
  • We have insight regarding the landlord’s business philosophy.
  • We save you time.
  • We take emotion out of the transaction.
  • We have a fiduciary to show you all properties in the marketplace.