Providing Professional Expertise Requires Considering
Your Client’s Needs, Not Your Own.

Karla Mach – Director of Client Relations

It’s not always easy finding the right fit for things that will make a difference for you.  The right car, the right jeans, the right shade of lipstick, the right job… You might be the right fit for a job, but is that job the right fit for your life?  

Like many Americans, I have 2 sources of income. My daytime career at Whitebox, and a side gig as a consultant for the leading skin care company in the US. While each are very different industries, I find myself thinking of the similarities in the actual work.

To start, you need clients in order to be successful in both. So, you ask the questions to get a conversation going. “If you could modify your office space, what would that look like to you?” becomes “If you could change one thing about your skin, what would it be?”

Next, make sure you understand what your client is looking for. “So, what I hear you saying is that your office space isn’t an efficient layout for your staff. Is that correct?” is not so different from “If I’m understanding you correctly, you are looking for something to even out skin tone. Am I right?”

Finally, provide your professional expertise to help them make decisions based on their best interests, not yours. “Through my analysis process, I feel this office space reflects what best fits the needs and wants of your company” is along the same lines as “From my experience, this is the correct skin care regimen to help you achieve the results you are looking for.”

Once you find what really fits… the right job, the right office space, the right skin care… you can feel good knowing you’re not just slapping lipstick on a pig to make it seem like everything is right.  If you’ve done your research and really thought about what is needed for success, it will feel like home.