What we do:

Commercial Real Estate is such a broad term, especially in Dallas. You hear about it, you see it, and you know many people in the industry. There are so many sectors in this industry, but we focus on representing tenants in the market levering for office and industrial space. Our fiduciary responsibility is to our client and we can assure you we will work on your behalf to get you the best lease possible.

How we do it:

If you could hire the most dedicated and knowledgeable broker in the industry, wouldn’t you? When your company’s lease is ranked as the second or third largest expense, you need to be as informed as possible to make a strategic business decision on behalf of your firm. At Whitebox Real Estate we are devoted to finding you the best price in your desired market with flexible lease terms. A lease is a binding contract, and one that if your company downsizes or expands allows us to do our job effectively on your behalf. Our brokers at Whitebox Real Estate ensure you are protected in every way possible to succeed in your profession, while we exceed in ours. We implement training, meetings, discussions, case studies, referrals, and boots-on-the-ground approaches to constantly remain proactive in the market.

Tenant representation in my opinion, is a necessity. A lease is a commitment, and you need an expert to assist your business in making a decision that complements your culture. Tenant reps add value through their experience and dedication to you as their client. Many misconceptions come with tenant rep’s, and we think that is one of the main reasons people are so hesitant to hire them. Or, that they believe they can do it themselves (which you can, but I don’t recommend). The lease process is a long and tedious process that requires time and attention, and many believe the misconception that they’ll receive a better lease deal by cutting out the tenant rep fee that is paid by the landlord.

Our Tenant Reps Will:

Evaluate your company’s needs: Our brokers can help you determine where you want to be, how much you want to spend, how long you want to be there, and what size space and design would best fit your needs.

Survey site selections:  Use market knowledge, experience and relationships with brokers, owners, and landlords to find you the best options, some that aren’t yet available. We know what deals are going on in the area and can negotiate your terms.

Negotiate to create leverage with Landlords: This is where competition begins. We use this to our advantage to strategize negotiations among buildings who want your tenancy.

Conduct the leasing process: This includes planning, designing, constructing and the many other obstacles in a lease process that need to be done in order and properly.