One of the most frequently asked questions when approached by tenant-rep brokers is: “How do we pay for this service?

It is not a topic that everyone is aware of, but an important one that should be addressed. This is one of the biggest hesitations companies have when considering hiring a tenant-rep broker. To clear up any confusion or misconceptions, tenant-rep brokers work with you and your company to advise and advocate on your behalf to get you the best lease or purchase options. Payments are not made by you or your company. Whitebox Real Estate is paid by the landlord or property owner of the space we select with you. Often businesses that don’t use a tenant-rep broker on their behalf end up paying much more than if they had, and have binding terms that could leave you in a difficult position.

Saying this is a ‘free service’ is alarming and a miscommunication. It is not a free service, but it is not a fee paid by you or your business. Your job is to select a broker you can trust and count on to deliver you the best possible terms on your lease or purchase. We fully believe in the culture that when we succeed, you succeed, so together let’s succeed.