Getting It Over the Goal Line  

Jade Scott | Associate Vice President – Transactions

Since this year is yet another year where the Dallas Cowboys could not get it done, I can’t help but reflect another year passing when Championship Sunday does not include America’s team. There are so many reasons (or excuses) we offer:  a bad break here or there, poor officiating, untimely injury, being under-coached and under prepared.  Could it be simply because they weren’t not good enough to get the job done?

Thinking about these “excuses” while I yet again I have to watch the Green Bay Packers play, I started to wonder (as Cowboys fans do every year) what the Cowboys can do to get to the Super Bowl next year. The wheels start turning: new coach, success in the draft and of course bringing back Tony Romo all are viable options in my opinion.

Unfortunately, (or fortunately) the success of the Cowboys is not under my control. What is under my control is how I service my clients day-to-day in their real estate needs.

At Whitebox Real Estate we take a different approach to results than that of us frustrated Cowboys fans. We don’t focus on things that happened in the past, we don’t dwell on former problems that were out of our control and we don’t try to find a reason for lack of success or not getting the job done. We push forward and get over the goal line.

Working any requirement always presents specific (and usually out of anybody’s control) problems – like an official making a bad call or the ball bouncing the wrong way on a punt. The differentiator is that at Whitebox, our whole team is set on providing solutions and our focus is solely on how we can solve our client’s problems.  We’re not interested in why the problems exist, we just want to move forward with the best possible solution.

No matter what challenges you face from a real estate perspective, our solution oriented, forward-thinking team of professionals will collectively get you and your company over the goal line.