Whitebox Real Estate is the right solution for finding your unique workspace. We’re heavily focused on tenant representation, so whether your business needs a new location or you are growing an investment portfolio, we’ll negotiate all real estate transactions while you take care of your business.

We know the market and are extremely active in it; we have insight and will get the best deal for you. After thorough market research, we’ll find two to three options that match your requirements. Whitebox Real Estate is here to handle every step of the leasing process. We’ll gather a copy of each lease, compare and pinpoint details, and analyze each property.

Whitebox Real Estate will draw pros and cons for each location, in case you need any tie-breakers on your final decision. Step-by-step, we promise to find the right location, communicate with our clients from lease analysis, through negotiation, and execution. Whitebox Real Estate guarantees its clients: real estate expertise, flexibility, one-on-one communication, and innovative solutions.


Whitebox Real Estate will lay the groundwork for you. Our team has state-of-the-art projects under their belts. Once your lease is negotiated and executed, our construction management expert will elevate your space from its stale shell to build your white box. Our clients are presented with an improved space that can quickly convert into virtually anything.

Tenant improvements include, but are not limited to: installed utilities, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), basic heating, finished ceiling, bare floors, basic lighting, wall paint, cabling, and access. Turning a commercial space into a white box is part of our mission. Now you can envision your unique, suite, office, and business.

Our project management services also include designing and executing construction plans. We work closely with architects, designers, and engineers to accommodate your business growth. Whitebox Real Estate is prepared to handle everything from a new development to a reconstruction and satisfied clients of all sizes.


When it’s time to move into your new workspace, Whitebox Real Estate will work directly with you to accommodate your business mobility. From scheduling your move to shopping furniture and accessories for your new space, our mission is to create a smooth transition and make you feel right at home post-construction.

Let us transform the way you work, shop, and live. Whitebox Real Estate is ready to serve your office renovation and construction needs. Before you know it, you’ll be at the new location. We make sure there’s room for your business to grow and bring in new talent.

As representatives of our clients in all transactions, we will always focus on clients’ goals and objectives first. Whitebox Real Estate is an experienced professional real estate team with in-depth knowledge of the market that will assemble the best possible deal for your business.
From start to finish, we offer a single point of contact always available to you. When you think Whitebox Real Estate, think: service and accessibility.
We build strong, long-term, mutually rewarding relationships with our clients. Whitebox Real Estate acts as the guardian of your investment future. We’ll find and build, so you can get to work.