“I love the true essence of business, the customer. Focusing on the want and need of client’s from various industry segments reminds me that anything is possible when fulfilling clients lives no matter what! WhiteBox Real Estate provides the building blocks for myself to capitalize on the discipline that is to be practiced to become successful. My father always stated to me, “Wisdom is the key to success.” I never forgot that, and never will. ”

Christian is a native born Dallas citizen, being the only son of a family of 3 meant more pressure and discipline to succeed in business. Christian transferred from Collin College sophomore year to UNT University of North Texas, graduating with a Bachelors in Marketing and minor in Professional Selling.

Christian is an outgoing innovator and entrepreneur, loves to travel to different countries with family and is a devoted Christian. Christian owns a small landscape company and is in pursuit to become a broker at Whitebox Real Estate.

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400 S. Record Street
Suite 1100
Dallas, TX 75202


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Suite 150
Austin, TX 78701


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